Petillant Rougir

Winemaker notes:
Graciano component bled off destemmed Graciano, then transferred to a tank for a slow, cool ferment. A portion of ferment finished Vermentino and Verdelho was transferred to the Graciano ferment. This blended ferment was stopped at 16g/L residual sugar by chilling to zero degrees to halt yeast activity. It was then transferred direct to bottle to continue fermentation in the bottle upon warming up to room temperature.  16g/L sugar resulted in 4 bar pressure of CO2 in the bottle or 60 PSI (compared to Champagne that’s around 6 bar or 90 PSI).

Tasting notes:
‘Rougir’ means ‘blush’ in French. This is a raw, rustic, and lively sparkling rosé, reflective of the terroir from which it came. It has finished its primary fermentation in the bottle, so is slightly cloudy with some harmless deposit. It has been hand crafted in the artisanal method to ensure it exhibits bright and refreshing characteristics accompanied with gentle bubbles.

Food match:
Can easily be enjoyed by itself or paired with a range of light dishes like cheese boards, charcuterie platters, Thai beef noodle salad, pork and green bean stir fry and grilled or baked salmon with vegetables.

2021 QLD Wine Awards – BRONZE Medal