Comparison View 2 years apart

This two image collage shows the same perspective captured just two years apart to the day at the front of the Hidden Creek Winery Cafe Vineyard property The top image was taken today in 2017 and the bottom image was snapped today - 2019. We are so at the mercy of Mother Nature and these images show what a diverse landscape water can make [...]

8th April, 2019|Wine News|

2018 QLD WINE Awards

At the 2018 QLD Wine Awards, Hidden Creek won the TROPHY for the QUEENSLAND WINERY of the YEAR and the following awards: GOLD for 2017 Tempranillo  This wine has a vibrant purple hue that leads to a firmly structured wine with tannins and oak seamlessly woven through a palate that springs to life with juicy dark  cherry fruit. GOLD for 2017 Barbera Barbera is a grape varietal originating from [...]

7th November, 2018|Wine News|