Well…what can we say about 2021?

January 2021 saw the drought break after 2 or more years and our vineyard dam was full once again. 

Follow up winter and spring rains has set up the vineyard for the best it has looked in a decade and we are hopeful of a bumper harvest of quality fruit. 

A number of alternative varieties were released during the course of the year which were fully embraced by wine enthusiasts alike.  It was a pleasure to reveal some wines and styles that are exciting, refreshing and a point of difference. 

A number of medals were won across a number of wine shows in 2021 with the most memorable being when:

 The 2021 Hidden Creek Viognier won the Trophy for the  Champion QLD White wine at the Australian Small Winemakers Show.  

My signature series 2020 Aglianico won multiple trophies and medals across many shows, including a Gold medal at the Royal QLD Wine Show.  To win a Gold medal in a Capital City Wine Show fills me with pride.  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed diving into the kaleidoscope of wines that have been crafted under my hand in 2021 and look forward to sharing my passion for the art of wine into the future.